Etangs de pêche Paris, Compiègne, Lille et Belgique



Located between the Oise river, and forest of Ourscamp, the “Etangs du Champs d’Ourscamp” are a tranquil and scenic setting. The site covers 210 acres, including 91 acres in 4 lakes with depths ranging from 1 to 4 meters.

We are:

  • 2h20 from Calais
  • 1h30 from Lille
  • 3H from Brussels ( Belgium)
  • 4h from Rotterdam (Netherlands)

1. Amenities

On site we offer:

  • Showers,
  • Toilets, and
  • Drinking water point.

2. Dogs The following dogs which either are, or reasonably appear from sight to be, in the following list are banned from the lakes without exception:

  • Staffordshire and American Staffordshire terrier pedigrees or cross breeds (also known as "pit-bulls").
  • Mastiff-type pedigree or cross breeds.
  • Tosa breed or cross breeds.
  • Rottweiler pedigree and cross-breed

IMPORTANT: Anglers are responsible for the dogs either they, or persons coming with them, bring to the lakes. Any angler allowing any of the above dog types on to the lakes agrees to pay the lakes a fee of €200 within 30 days of it being discovered. If there are more than one angler present, they are all jointly and severally liable to pay the €200. The dog owner may, at the discretion of the person running the lakes at that moment, be permitted to remain on site provided the dog is muzzled. That does not excuse the angler from paying €200. This is a term of your contract which you agree when paying a deposit. It is is made under English law and will be enforced through the courts of England and Wales as a debt.

For more information or any booking please contact us by email.


Month Open Close
July, August, September 9am 8pm
February, March, November 9am At dusk
April, May, June, October 9am 7pm
6 Rue de l’Abbaye 60138 Chiry-Ourscamp
Numéro de siret. 43007667900017