To preserve a great fishing experience and to keep our fish in perfect condition, we ask all customers to adhere to the following rules.

These rules are included in the conditions of your reservation and could, if they are violations, cause us to cancel your reservation without refund. 

The 50% deposit required for all reservations will not be refunded under any circumstances. In the event of cancellation more than 1 month before the scheduled arrival date, it may be postponed to a subsequent session within 12 months, if the cancellation occurs less than 1 month before the arrival date, it will be lost if you do not come or it could be transferred to a third party. No refund, postponement or credit in the event of an early departure from the fisherman will be made for any reason.

Landlords and bailiffs carry out regular checks, including checksplatform to ensure compliance so please do not be offended if your platforms shapes are checked, this is to ensure a pleasant fishing experience for all.

1 : Your arrival :

  •  Arrivals on the ponds are from 12 noon.
  • The code of the front door will be provided to you on the day of your arrival. If this is not the case you can contact Mrs Cantillon at 0607196415 who will send it to you.

.Your departure :

  • The post must be free by 11 a.m. at the latest. Clean and tidy.
  • Waste: The practice of selective sorting on the site is mandatory, everyone will therefore deposit their garbage cans sorted in the appropriate containers placed at the entrance to the Estate.

2 : For your stay

  • The validation of your reservation is done exclusively by email, after registration of your deposit corresponding to 50% of the total amount of your stay.

  • Confirmation of your reservation will be sent to you by email. 15 days to cancel your reservation, otherwise your deposit will not be no longer refundable.

  • In the event of departure, for whatever reason, before the end of the stay, no refund.

  • In order to guarantee your safety as much as possible the gate must be closed at all times, it is with a code padlock. For the night in case of emergency only you can call Mme Cantillon at 0607196415.

  •  Fishermen must be in possession of a booking confirmation to enter the the domain.

  • 2 guide per fisherman 5Eur per day. For a period identical to that of the booking.

  • Clients who are minors must be accompanied by an adult throughout the stay. Otherwise, a written and signed discharge from the parents or legal guardian will be

    requested before any installation on the fishing post.

  • If you wish to end your presence earlier, make the necessary arrangements with the person in charge on site.


Fishing rules

  • Each fisherman must have his own equipment with him (landing net, carp cradle, sling recovery, etc.).
  • Return a grass carp quickly and carefully after capture, they are extremely sensitive to stress.
  • 4 rods per single station and 8 rods per double station. 
  • A reception mat minimum size 1m20 by 1m, minimum thickness 10cm. Think about it wet when setting.
  • A large fine-mesh landing net and a rigid frame weighing bag.
  • A single hook with micro barb per line size: minimum N ° 8 maximum N ° 2.
  • Specific carp disinfectant, to be applied each time a hook is released is obligatory.
  • A nylon main line between 28 and 40/100.
  • The lead-core length used cannot exceed 50 cm.
  • Have mounts releasing the lead in the event of breakage, such as lead clips.
  • A green, black, sand or camouflage biwy, umbrella or tent only.
  • A bait boat on pond 2 and 3 only.
  • The workstations must remain clean at all times during your stay and be left clean.
  • when you leave without a garbage bag!
  • The bins must be placed in the appropriate container for each bin.

  • Compulsory selective sorting.


  • Use or have a storage bag, the fish must be returned to the water, after weighing and photos as soon as possible, under penalty of immediate exclusion.
  • Only barbecues are authorized, fires on the ground are prohibited, immediate exclusion.
  • Fast-grip and Bent'hook hooks.
  • Hook Without barbs and crushed barbs Completely Forbidden !!!

  • Harassment (walking around with a cane in hand and walking from post to post in hope to catch a fish) is strictly prohibited.
  • It is forbidden to place rods outside the open space of your site or to place lines on adjacent arcs

  • Cars are allowed on the site. Cars cannot be used for to visit fellow fishermen or to visit the toilets.
  • It is forbidden to wash dishes in the ponds.
  •  Swimming is prohibited.
  • Do not throw the rest of your boilies or particles in the grass or trees as this will increase rat populations.

  • Drugs and excess alcoholic beverages are prohibited, under penalty of prosecution
  • and immediate exclusion without refund.

  • The heads and main lines in braid.
  •  Leave the canes unattended, remove them from the water if you leave your post.
  • Use baits or groundbaits of low or no nutritional quality or value.

  • We do not allow relocation, much less take a different place from your own initiative.
  • Peanuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, chickpeas, homemade tiger-nuts, hard and non-hard seeds
  • cooked.
  • Boilie cannons.
  • Predator fishing is prohibited.
  • Do your business in the area, toilets are available at reception.
  •  Day visitors are prohibited
  •  In order to preserve the environment, do not degrade the vegetation, the stations are perfectly furnished. Any obvious degradation will result in immediate exclusion.
  • Caravans / mobile homes prohibited
  •  The management reserves the right to raise one or more rods to  anytime of day or night, to ensure that the assemblies are respected.


Fishing is practiced in NO KILL TOTAL on all species without exception! and the fish should be treated with the utmost respect.

  •  In order to preserve the environment, do not degrade the vegetation, the stations are fitted out to find a balance between practicality and nature.
  • Clients who are minors must be accompanied by an adult throughout the stay. Otherwise, a written and signed discharge from the parents or legal guardian will be requested before any installation on the fishing post.

  • The accompanying persons are limited to two per position and are under your entire responsibility.
  •  The estate is a calm and peaceful place, the volume of musical devices, lights and key sensors must not exceed the limit of your station.
  • Dogs are allowed, but are the sole responsibility of the owner. All kinds of nuisance, aggression, irresponsible abandonment of the dog, which puts other fishermen and / or the uncomfortable manager will force you to leave the estate. Dogs are not allowed to swim and feces should be removed immediately. Category 2 dogs must be kept with a muzzle. They must stay with their master or be in permanently attached. Their excrement will be picked up by the masters and thrown into a trash can.
  • The animals must be tattooed, vaccinated and insured for civil liability. (The notebook of vaccination may be requested). Any deviation from these instructions will result in exclusion immediate without refund.
  • Each fishing spot has an area where it can fish (see map). Please respect these limits.
  •  Photos are strongly recommended to be taken in the water for the safety of Pisces.
  • Be like a guest and be courteous to each other.
  • Failure to respect the house rules means without exception the end of your session peach. You will then be asked to leave the site. There is also no refund possible
  • Showers and toilets are available 24/7 in the barn in front of pond2.
  • This year, we will strictly monitor the attitude of our fishermen and guides in order to so that everyone can fully enjoy their stay.
  • We firmly believe that each has sufficient maturity to resolve any mutual conflict with other colleagues themselves and make the necessary agreements between them. After all, we are all here with the same goal.
  • If you still don't agree with another customer, contact the manager. All the Complaints, comments, suggestions can be reported to our email address:
  • We wish to maintain a serene climate between sinners and with the management team of ponds, however, we invite you to keep your duty of reserve when it comes to criticism that you could emeter these could be considered pollution and denigration and would resultWe wish you a pleasant stay at the Champ d'Ourscamp pond in a final eviction from the ponds.

We wish you a pleasant stay at the Champ d'Ourscamp pond