Fishing is practiced in NO KILL TOTAL on all species without exception!

In order to preserve the environment, do not degrade the vegetation, the stations are perfectly equipped.

Fish should always be treated with the utmost respect, even the little ones…!

The fisherman, owner of his boat, is fully responsible on the water for any incident and disclaims full responsibility for the ponds of the Ourscamp field.

Inflatable plastic boats and swimming are prohibited.

Inflatable boats are not allowed.

Float tubes and all types of boats are prohibited on the 4 ponds.

Underage fishermen clients must be accompanied by an adult throughout the stay. Otherwise, a written and signed discharge from the parents or legal guardian will be requested.

The domain is a calm and peaceful place, the volume of the musical devices, should not exceed the limit of your station.

Drugs and excessive alcoholic beverages are prohibited, under penalty of prosecution and immediate exclusion without refund.

The validation of your reservation is done directly on the internet or at the domain, after registration of your deposit corresponding to 50% of the total amount of your stay.

The 50% deposit required for all reservations will not be refunded under any circumstances. In the event of cancellation more than 1 month before the scheduled arrival date, it may be postponed to a subsequent session within 12 months, if the cancellation occurs less than 1 month before the arrival date, it will be lost if you do not come or it could be transferred to a third party. No refund, postponement or credit in the event of an early departure from the fisherman will be made for any reason.

A confirmation of your reservation will be sent to you by email, upon receipt of your deposit.

1 : Your arrival:

Schedule for daily fishing 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Before any installation, you will pay for your entire stay at the reception chalet.

All traffic on the site is prohibited apart from arrivals and departures.

The maximum authorized speed is 15km / h.

Parking is available for predator fishermen at the entrance to the estate.

Visitors wishing to see the fishermen must leave their vehicle in the parking lot at the entrance to the area and pay for their stay.

Management declines all responsibility in the event of theft from your fishing station or damage to your vehicle and invites you not to leave anything there that could attract attention.


2 : For your stay

    “Nature” toilets are available around the estate.

    It is forbidden to wash dishes in the lake, a sink is available to you.

    Waste: The practice of selective sorting on the site is mandatory, so everyone will leave their sorted bins in the appropriate containers available at the entrance to the Estate.

    Do not throw your cigarette ends on the ground or in the lake, pots are provided at each post.

    Barbecues, stoves and gas camping are authorized, ground fires are FORBIDDEN under penalty of immediate exclusion. In the event of a barbecue, you must take your ashes with you or place them in a container when they are cold on leaving the estate.

    The stations must remain clean at all times during your stay and be left clean when you leave.

    Our friends the dogs are accepted, but they should not create any inconvenience for other fishermen.

    They must stay with their master or be permanently attached.

    Their excrement will be picked up by the masters and thrown in a trash can.

    The animals must be tattooed, vaccinated and insured for civil liability. (The vaccination record may be requested).

    Swimming is strictly prohibited.

    The management and its guards reserve the right to expel any fisherman who does not respect the regulations, without reimbursement of the stay.

    Predator fishing regulations

      Your equipment: You can take several rods but only one fishing rod per fisherman.

      For the pike: minimum 70/100 steel or fluoro carbon leader.

      A large landing net.

      Take the time to properly release each fish, large or small.


      • Fish grips, gaffs and storage bags.

      • Fishing live and dead handled.